Redefining the techniques of hosting.

Custom Coded Ui

Our dashboard is custom coded to provide the best and the most unique user experience ever!
( Note: Our game panel has been made by Pterodactyl, but of course we have themed it. )

99.8% Uptime

Our machines are designed to stay on indefinitely, ensuring that your server is available 24/7

Premium Quality Nodes

Our virtual machines are housed on high-performance, secure cloud servers, ensuring a seamless, lag-free experience.

Premium Support

Our staff team is held to a high standard, expect the best quality support. Our team is trained and dedicated to provide you with all your needs over our custom ticket system!

Credit System

A credit system that is flexible enough to allow you to continue operating your services without paying a dime.

DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is enabled by default on all of your servers. It is turned on automatically and without charge for all of our users. We are always working to improve our defence system so that it can withstand a variety of assaults. Our defence solution, like any other DDoS protection, cannot guarantee that each DDoS assault possible will be resisted.

Unlimited for all

There are a variety of plans available to meet a series of needs

Basic Plan
  • 256MB+ Ram
  • 2048MB+ Disk
  • 30%+ Cpu
  • 1+ Server Slot
Standard Plan
  • 512MB+ Ram
  • 4096MB+ Disk
  • 50%+ Cpu
  • 3+ Server Slots
  • Free Monthly Credits
  • More Benefits
Premium Plan
  • 1024MB+ Ram
  • 8192MB+ Disk
  • 100%+ Cpu
  • 4+ Server Slots
  • Free Monthly Credits
  • More Benefits

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